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I have come to the conclusion that we make staying healthy too complicated. There are some easy ways to both look good and stay healthy. Younger London escorts may not need to pay too much attention to their diet, but when you mature, you may have to pay attention to your diet a little bit. But, it is not complicated and neither does it have to cost a small fortune as some London escorts think. The same food which keeps you in shape also makes you look great. When I noticed that my figure was beginning to change in my early 30’s, the first thing I decided to do was to overall my diet. I was always going out on London escorts dinner dates, and it was a bit of a no-brainer to appreciate that my diet was influencing my looks. I love doing both dinner and business dates with London escorts, so there was no way I was going to stop doing that.

Believe it or not, it was so simple as learning how to eat slower. I found when I ate slower, I started to feel fell up less quickly and it helped a lot. Not only did I lose some weight, but I also started to sleep better when I came home from my date. Sugar has a really bad influence on our bodies, and even my so-called healthy Kellogs K had sugar in it. I started to check out the alternatives, and I found that porridge is really good for you. It was a Swedish girl at charlotte escorts who told me that oats are good for you, and she told me she ate two bowls a day.

According to Birgitta oats are good for both your skin and figure. It sounded too simple at first but after about a month of adding two bowls of porridge to my diet, I noticed spectacular results. I was not only less hungry but I had also lost fat and my skin looked better. It was around this time I cut down on my hours at charlotte escorts as well. I had some other things I wanted to, and one of them was to get some more exercise. It did not take me very long to find a good style of exercise for me. I got hooked on speed walking after a couple of sessions. I love it and it forces you to get out in the fresh air. It has made a huge difference in the way I exercise, and I have made some great friends. I used to spend hours in the gym, but now I have found that speed walking can really rock my world.