Until I met blond Rebecca from Slough escorts, I cant’ say that I had ever been personally involved with an escort. I had not even been into dating blond escorts as I always thought that they were a bit silly. However, there was something different about Rebecca about from her big boobs, and I sensed in on our first date.


At the time, I had been divorced from my ex for about ten years. I had not spent all of me time dating sexy escorts in Slough.  Even though I was  not very good at relationships, I had been involved with a couple of ladies, but the relationships had all crashed and burned. Finally I had resigned myself to the fact that I did not have a future with any woman on a long term basis. That was before I met Rebecca from Slough escorts. To me she was sex on legs, but more mature than other escorts that I had dated in Slough.


Even though she looked very young, Rebecca was 33 years old. In escort terms, that is when most girls start to class themselves as mature escorts. Things were not any different at the escort agency in Slough. Rebecca said that she knew she was getting a bit too mature for the escort agency and was planning to make “her escape” from Slough escorts. At 48 years old, I was not ancient but I did know that I was getting on, and should perhaps pull my socks up. I could not spend the rest of my life running around after young girls.


Rebecca left Slough escorts a couple of weeks after that conversation. I thought that she would get stuck without a job, but it turned out that she was already working. If I had been a Tesco customer I may have noticed her, but alas I was not. It turned out that Rebecca had spent her escort career working as a Saturday in Tesco to have something to put on her CV but now she was planning to go full time.


Since Rebecca left Slough escorts we have been seeing a lot of each other. I don’t know what it is but I do feel that we get on. When we first started see each other after Rebecca left the escort agency in Slough like https://charlotteaction.org/slough-escorts, I thought it was a fling but now I am not sure. Over coffee the other day, we found ourselves looking at travel brochures and planning a holiday away from a rainy UK. The airport is just down the road Rebecca had said two days previously, and suggested that e make the most of it. Surely, this is so much more than a fling… After all, would you be going to Mexico with a girl unless you are planning to spend some serious time with her? I don’t think so.