My family got very angry with the doctor that handled my brother in the emergency room when he had an accident. They believe that the doctor did not do his job well. My family blamed him for what had happened to my brother. they think that my brother’s arm could still be saved, but instead the doctor made a decision to sever his arm for the poison to be stopped. My brother was bitten by a very poisonous snake when we asked about the reason why he decided to cut my brothers arm off he told us that he was afraid that the poison might spread and kill my brother instantly.

Even though we are pleased that my brother survived the accident, we’re still unfortunate to see him lost his arm. It’s very heartbreaking to see a loved one struggled like that, even if we think that we still could have saved my brothers arm it’s already too late. We can never turn back time and change that decision. After losing his arms, my brother personality drastically changed. Even though it was not his fault that a poisonous snake had bitten him, it’s still not enough reason for him to be okay with his situation.

We all hoped that he would bounce back from that incident, but we all got disappointed for over a year my brother did not go out of the house. He is afraid that people might laugh at his situation. He did not even go to work for over a year because he was always depressed. My family and I think of ways that would cheer him on, but every try we had were unsuccessful. We were desperate to make him realize that his life is not over yet. Thankfully I had a great idea. I told my family that I’m booking my brother a Acton escort of

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