One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is to have someone that will go through life with you. Someone to show us that real love exists. Love gives us the feeling of contentment; its satisfy us as a person. Love is the reason why we are grateful to wake up each day and continue the day. It enlightens our mind to be able to think wisely and be positive all the time. Many times we feel unwanted by many people but its okay as long as we have someone who accepts us for who we are. To find someone that won’t leave us, but guides us on the right path is everything. With them, we feel loved and appreciated. When we are appreciated continuously it feels like that we need to do more and go beyond our life; it’s devastating if we disappoint them. Love is the reason we choose to stay and alive in our life. It’s the purpose why we improve ourselves. When we are in love, we want our loved ones to return them the favor in correcting ourselves right and let go of the negativity in our life. Love gives us an extreme happiness, a joy that we only find in one person. They give us this satisfaction. In every relationship, it is essential that we need to be honest and loyal to our partner, and then we can build a healthy relationship.


If you want to keep the relationship, learn to value the person. You have to make time with them and give attention. You should know your limitations in life and do not cross borders. Always keep your words. I am grateful that I am in love and stay loyal to my wife, and vice versa. She is the reason why I have become who I am today, and she keeps pushing me every time I have dreams in life. All my life, my goal is to build a happy and whole family. An experienced I haven’t before. And so I did my best as I could to make that dream. I was lonely and depressed at that time, I am tired of my family and so my work. Throughout my life, I always think first of other people other than myself. I always prioritize them and lose myself. I go to London, stayed in Windsor. And then I met my wife there; she is a Windsor escort from for so long.  At first sight, I find her beautiful, and she has a good personality. I can stop myself to go with her, and talk. She entertains me, and we hang out. I pursued her that over the time she accepted my love. Our relationship went smooth, and marry her. Married with a Windsor Escort for ten years now and it feels great